Free new singles from AIR and Zero 7

AIR and Zero 7 alternative pop/nujazz/whatever bands have released new, free singles lately. First up is Zero 7 with Everything Up (Zizou), a marvelous composition featuring Zero 7’s own Henry Binns on vocals, and Eska on background vocals. It reminds me a lot of their terrific previous album The Garden, and you can download it on their official website . The track will be on the new album Yeah Ghost, to be released on September 7.

1 Count Me Out
2 Mr. McGee
3 Swing
4 Everything Up (Zizou)
5 Pop Art Blue
6 Medicine Man
7 Ghost sYMbOL
8 Sleeper
9 Solastalgia
10 The Road
11 All of Us

The second free tune comes from French synth pop band AIR, and is called Do The Joy. Their sixth (or is it seventh?) studio album Love 2 will come out on October 6. Get the tune for free on aircheology.com.

1 Do The Joy
2 Love
3 So Light Is Her Footfall
4 Be A Bee
5 Missing The Light Of The Day
6 Tropical Disease
7 Heaven’s Light
8 Night Hunter
9 Sing Sang Sung
10 Eat My Beat
11 You Can Tell It To Everybody
12 African Velvet

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