Dj Deep - City To City 3 on BBE

The new mix terms itself a "journey through Chicago, Detroit and New York's secret house gems," which is true, but doesn't quite tell the whole story; City to City 3 also betrays a distinct European techno influence, with tunes by Redshape, Frozen Border and Marcel Dettmann bumping elbows with the likes of Traxx, Armando and Kool Rock Steady. Though packed with old school classics, the release is not meant to be a history lesson in underground dance music, but rather a collection of the records that stood the test of time in the Deeply Rooted House boss's crate. Th epackage is set to hit stores a full four years after City to City 2, and consists of an unmixed CD, a digital mix, and a vinyl LP.

01. Claro Intelecto - Signals
02. Liddell Townsell - I’ll Make You Dance
03. Kerri Chandler - Pong
04. Mutant Beat Dance - In a Daze
05. Dee Dee Brave - Feel The Breeze
06. M+M - M+M Theme
07. Armando - Don't Take It
08. Redshape - The Box
09. Chicago Music Syndrome - Work It
10. Gentry Ice - Utilize The Beat
11. Traxx - XTC For Love

Digital Mix
01. Dee Dee Brave - Feel The Breeze [DJ Deep "Mix" Edit]
02. Kerri Chandler - Pong [Ben Klock Remix]
03. Redshape - The Box
04. Traxx - XTC 4 Luv
05. M+M - M+M Theme
06. Mutant Beat Dance - In a Daze [Original Dub]
07. Project Democracy - Is This Dream For Real
08. Glenn Underground - Escuchame
09. Kool Rock Steady - I'll Make You Dance
10. Marcel Dettmann - Apron
11. K.A Possee - Tell Alexi
12. Gentry Ice - Utilize The Beat
13. Frozen Border - Frozen Border
14. Second Try Of The First Step Into The Third Dimension
15. Chicago Music Syndrome - Work It
16. Armando - Don't Take It [Thomos Edit]
17. Armando - We're On The Move [Snare Your Ass Off]
18. Claro Intelecto - Signals

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